October 18, 2012

Dr. Lam,
Thank you for the excellent care that I have received over the years.

Your physical therapy team is the best in Naples! They work together so well giving the patient the best care possible. Thank you again.

M. Tayleiv

October 22, 2012

I am very pleased and impressed so far with the lessening of my pain in my plantar fascia and Achilles area from the shock wave therapy.  A much deeper relief than all the cortisone injections that I have received in the past.  I just read yesterday, on a web site, that I should not be taking anti inflammatory medication in order to facilitate the best outcome.  I discontinued the ibuprofen that I take, for my degenerative disk disease, and will substitute Tylenol, for now.  My nerve pain in the left foot, from the anesthesia, is also slowly improving.  I cut the toe out of a pair of wool socks, triple rolled them and use them at night, over my heels and ankles.  This has protected the nerve from bumps and keeps the area warmer, feels great and seems to facilitating over all recovery.  Backed off the B vitamins, as the niacin was burning me up.  The custom orthotics with my new roll bar New Balance shoes are outstanding, I cannot say enough.  As a Fire Fighter my plantar faciitis and achilles tendinitis was so debilitating that I was afraid that I may not make it to retirement, but that has all changed.  Thanks Dr. Kevin Lam, see you on the 24th for my follow up.    

- Daniel Eidem

 August 31, 2012

Dear Dr. Kevin Lam and Staff,
Thank you for your medical care and recommendations. Your treatment and physical therapy have made a tremendous difference in my feet and legs. The pain has diminished significantly and I feel better than I have in years.

Lynn Murphy, Naples, FL

 February 11, 2012

Just a line to offer this recommendation and to thank you for the quick and efficient treatment of my ingrown toenail. I had suffered for months with this and whilst on holiday in the area I had a really rapid appointment, super quick treatment and I was back on the golf course the next day. Amazed to feel absolutely no pain at all. I would return to see him if I had any foot problem, even though I live abroad. I would highly recommend Dr. Kevin Lam's services to any one visiting the this area of Florida. Great service and extremely fast.

Thank you.
Pamela Grant, Switzerland

Dear Dr. Lam,
I am writing to thank you for the attention and excellent care that I have received at your facility. I appreciate the time that you initially spent with me and the regimen that you prescribed for me in the out-patient treatment center. My time there was not only very helpful, but also very enjoyable. My thanks to Cheryl for the time that she spent with me, the treatment that she gave in a firm, yet gentle way and her excellent direction of her area. I also extend my appreciation to Kim and Gina. Their care, attention, and on-going conversation help to. make the treatment sessions effective, enjoyable and never dull. I will miss them all.

My feet are definitely improved and I hope that with continuing home therapy and periodic follow-up at your office, the improvement will continue.

Yours truly,
Nancy R.

When 75 year old Martha Nelson tripped and fell down the stairs she could barely move her limbs any more. Her ankle was badly hurt and the pain seemed to numb all her senses. After consulting a local orthopedic surgeon, Mrs. Nelson didn't feel her ankle getting any better. It was then that a neighbor suggested that she'd consult Dr. Kevin Lam.

Dr. Lam is a specialist in foot surgery and Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery. When Mrs. Nelson approached Dr. Lam, she was suffering from immense pain in the ankle of her left feet. Dr. Lam thoroughly checked the condition of her ankle. There was a swelling on the outside of the ankle. However, Dr. Lam suggested Mrs. Nelson undergo an X-ray so that the diagnosis of the cause of the problem can be detected. He just wanted to be sure about the condition of the ankle since Mrs. Nelson was quite old and he feared that things may be complicated because of the age.

He then conducted an MRI examination and discovered that she was suffering from Peroneal Tendon Dysfunction, an acute disorder that occurs mainly when a group of two tendons get injured due to an accidental dislocation. The problem is quite uncommon and majorly affects the muscles in the ankle area.

He informed that there were certain treatments that will help reduce the pain and cure the injury permanently. Dr. Lam indulged Mrs. Nelson's ankle for an initial treatment of a splint wrap to reduce the swelling. Once the swelling subsided he revealed that Mrs. Nelson had experienced a rather terrible tendon injury due to which she may not be able to walk properly for quite some time. He however suggested that she'd undergo the treatments to reduce the effect of the injury to a great extend on her ankles. Mrs. Nelson agreed, much to the delight of Dr. Lam who was sure that he would be able to cure the problem.

For almost the next six weeks Mrs. Nelson, underwent the therapeutic treatments for the injury. He was extremely careful to let the first phase of the treatment process to take place. Gradually the intense pain started to subside. But Dr. Lam wanted to ensure that he'd take proper care of his patient since Mrs. Nelson was an extremely courageous lady. She patiently cooperated with Dr. Lam and seemed quite satisfied with the progress. Thereafter, he informed her that there was a requirement of the ankle to undergo a surgery. She became apprehensive and for the first time did Dr. Lam noticed her fear. He calmed her down and insisted that she'd go for the surgery which would cure her ailment completely.

The surgery took place sometime later. At first, he tightened the torn tendons. These places were then stitched and allowed to stay till the ankle healed. Slowly Mrs. Nelson started to recover under the supervision of Dr. Lam. He assisted her for about 4-6 weeks on splint processes, followed by 2-4 weeks of treatment comprising of weight bearing procedures. Mrs. Nelson remarkably regained strength in her ankle in a very short time. Now she can walk and does not have any complications with her ankle. She thanked Dr. Lam for his unconditional assistance and immense care.

Last week, Mrs. Nelson went for a vacation and tried her hands at skiing. Well, it's surprising but the truth is that she did a fabulous job and was cheered by the audience at the location. She then narrated her story of the terrible ankle injury that she had experienced some time back. They could not believe her nor could the others who had seen her suffering from the pain.

There are many cases of leg and ankle injuries throughout the world in the past few years. Some could be operated successfully while others didn't ever receive the proper treatment. As for Mrs. Nelson, she considers Dr. Lam her savior and still keeps narrating her tale of success with her ankle injury to whoever she meets.

Read story on NaplesNews.com

Greetings,  I was very happy with the Dr. at your office he was able to do in two visits what I couldn't do in 6 months,  my issue is a chronic one and I always try and keep up with it my self  it's doing good now  but when it flares up  and it will ,  always does  I plan on making an appointment .  promise,.        I am able to care for it now  so I am,  nothing personal  it's more financial as I am on disability and money is short .  thanks again for all your help  I'm sure you will see me again.  

D.C. Naples

 Thank you!! I am very happy, I played tennis for the first time in 8 months.


Both R. (m.Frank) and I were extremely pleased with the professional care we PROMPTLY received at your practice. She was especially impressed by the care with which you cut and trimmed her very sensitive nails. The shot you gave me for inflammation has worked and I was back playing tennis pain free in two days. I do wear the extra padding you had me purchase from you when I play tennis or golf or take long walks. It helps.

Dr. A.  Frank

Thank you for your  E-mail  regarding the  progress of my recent  problems.  First the ruptured tendon in my right ankle has improved dramatically.  I'm finally pain free/  I'm walking without using the boot.  It was a very effective  support when  the foot was recovering.  I wore it  for almost two weeks   Now about the hammer little toe on the left foot.   I've been wearing the toe separator you recommended and as of this writing it seems
to be working.  Of course, as you pointed out, it will take some time before we will know whether the condition will  improve in the  long range.  I will be sure to contact you if I begin to suffer the kind of pain I had before seeing you last time.

D. Mills
Naples, FL

Dr. Lam performed major correction of a congenital condition of both forefeet. In time, I would have been greatly reduced mobility-wise and comfort-wise.....a nearly crippling condition. I researched a second opinion through a major practice at a major Chicago hospital group just to understand my options given the seriousness of my prognosis. The left surgery reconstructed 75% of my foot, the right done in late 2013 a year after the first, is major but far less severe. This is major work, and I wouldn't want anyone else but Kevin Lam to do the work. If one takes the time to learn Dr. Lam's history and has reason to work with the physical therapy staff, their excellence is easy to discern for yourself. My wife had a noninvasive regenerative procedure for a torn tendon two years ago. This is how I met Dr. Lam and gained the fullest confidence in him. Said a different way, Dr. Lam and his practice are leaders in their field and truly care about patient outcomes. Their control over difficult processes and ensuring and explaining cautious recovery in a business-like way is there for the patient. Pain and wound management are incredible because they care and because they have the skills. They have great pride in their work, which deserves patient recognition. Pride and concern are too frequently lacking in our society. Not at the Family Foot and Leg Center.

Via Facebook post.
E. Sachs

Very Grateful for Dr. Kevin Lam for taking the nail biopsy, what I thought was just a discolored, ugly nail turned out to be a malenoma, currently undergoing treatment at our regional cancer center.  Dr. Lam saved me life, I can't say enough good things about him, he made feel comfortable and confident in his care. My family and I both appreciate  his prompt attention getting the necessary test to save my life. My understanding that these cancers under the nail are deadly if caught late or not caught at all.

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Stem Cell for Jujitsu Knee injury

Had surgery on the right knee, not feeling right, but the left knee suffered same fate but rather try conservative care.  PRP, stem cell with amniotic injection and Gel injection to help rejuvenate the joint.  

Back on the mat, active and stronger than ever.

Testimonial video of FFLC patient

Dr. Kevin Lam and his minimally invasive bunionectomy procedure, as seen in the 2017 Podiatry Institute bunion surgery update textbook. 

Big Toe Joint Fusion testimonial

Here is another patient that had a big toe joint fusion to much avail and active.   If you are active, or an athlete the fusion is the best answer 10 years down the line according to studies.  If you are not an athlete then an implant maybe an option.  Best to discuss with your surgeon, based on x-rays and experiences.   www.NaplesPodiatrist.com.

Bunion Surgery Testimonial

Patients talking about their experience with bunion surgery along with pre and post operative x-ray findings.   Bunion surgery does not have to be a scary ordeal.  Surgeon selection and following post operative protocol is the key to success.   FFLC, we do the most bunion surgeries in our region.  Call for your consultation with one our doctors and you'll be a success story

Revisional Foot Surgery Testimonial

Nine Weeks Post Operative foot surgery.  Patient underwent initial foot surgery at another institution but decided to have revisional surgery at the Family Foot and Leg Center to further correct her condition.   She was not happy about the first surgical result and hesitant about our surgery.  But patient testimonials and happy patients in the waiting room changed her point of view towards foot surgery. 

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