The R.I.C.E. Method

Activities especially sports are a lot of fun. Also, getting involved in these activities is good for your health. But in any sport, accidents can happen and can cause all kinds of injuries. The foot is especially prone to these injuries. Sprains can cause mild to severe heel pain or foot pain.

Though sprains are a common occurrence in sports or any type of activity, these can be easily treated. A lot of trainers who almost always encounter this condition recommend rest, ice, compression and elevation, more commonly known as the R.I.C.E. method.

Rest. Resting the foot promotes healing. Allowing the foot to rest for two to five days gives it enough time to recover from minor injuries. Of course, the length of time differs from the severity of injury but a couple days are enough for most injuries.

It is advisable not to use any pain killers during this period. Healing is only successful if the foot is not used for a given time. Also, the occurrence of pain is the basis for how long you should rest the foot. Pain relievers temporarily stop pain and you may accidentaly use your foot.

Ice packs reduce pain and inflammation. Exposing the affected area with cold stimuli can numb the area, reducing pain drastically. It also can cause vasoconstriction; therefore, reducing accumulation of fluids that can cause swelling.

Compression is also a good way to immobilize the foot and also helps control swelling.

Elevating the foot also helps prevent swelling because it assists in venous return to the heart, preventing any fluid accumulation to the foot.

If the RICE method did not help reduce pain or swelling, then a specialist is need.

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