Pain Caused By Flat Foot

About 30 percent of the general population never develop the arch of the foot, therefore having a condition called flat foot. This could be unilateral which affects one foot or bilateral which affects both feet.

We are all born with flat feet. This is because of the underdeveloped structures of the foot. Normally, the arch of the foot will be fully developed by the age of six, so it is a advised that parents to check if their child has flat foot while they are young. This could still be corrected as the structures are still growing and developing.

A lot of adults have flat feet but usually show no symptoms because they have flexible feet. This is a general weakness of the structures of the foot. The arch was not fully developed but there is no pathology or injury whatsoever. But if foot pain does occur, this could be congenital or can be due to irritations of the ligaments, tendons, or bones of the foot.

If flat feet condition is not treated soon, this can even cause back pain. This occurs because of change in gait. Depending on the injury of the foot, we tend to compensate for the pain and change the way we walk, sacrificing proper posture which can cause back pain.

Flat foot can never be treated by simple methods like ice packs or massages. It is advisable to seek a physician especially if the pain is limiting you of your normal activities. Flat foot is treatable and you should not be experiencing any pain when walking or doing any other activities you enjoy.


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